This is Indiana's Vintage Snowmobile "watering hole", where like-minded folks of any age can come and discuss their passion for vintage snowmobiles of all makes and models from years gone by. Many of us all remember "the good 'ol days" of snowmobiling and how much fun it was for the whole family. Well here at the IVSA, we're still having fun with these sleds we used to enjoy, as we meet regularly throughout the year at sled shows, swap meets, vintage rides and winter festivals that are close to home. see for yourself as you check out our website and if you're not a member yet, please consider joining. We have a lot to offer our members, as the club adds new things every year for everyone to enjoy.

This space is to remember one of our founding fathers of this club. He always had great stories to tell and always had a smile on his face. He will surely be missed by us all. Those of us who were lucky enough to be around him knew he was very passionate about the sport. The picture on the right is a picture I had taken at one of the last shows that he had attended.

How it all came to be.....
Our Vintage snowmobiling group was started with a simple meeting of like-minded interested people in Kokomo, Indiana in May of 2007. Shortly after, the organization was formed, we were off and running and we've never looked back!

We are a very active group of individuals that sponsors Vintage sled shows, swap meets, rides and the Vintage Snowmobile Museum. In 2008, the Indiana Snowmobiler's Association selected our group as the indiana Snowmobile Club of the Year - a real honor, since our club was only one year old.
Our membership is comprised of outdoor people from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, where by the time you read this, we expect to have members from Illinois as well.  This is truly a fun group, as most of us have a long history of snowmobiling and remember how much we have enjoyed the sport through the years. We didn't have to ride 200 or 300 miles a day for a good time, as many times, it was a few families just riding to a local pizza shop or friends riding out to a neighbor's woods to burn some hot dogs. It was being in the outdoors and enjoying the fellowship of friends with like interests that made each ride a truly good time.

It doesn't really matter whether we are attending a snowmobile winter show, having a swap meet, working at the Museum or having a cookout on a Vintage ride, it's the fellowship and common interest in preserving a part of snowmobiling history that keeps us coming back. 

We cordially invite you to become a part of this growing family of Antique, Classic and Vintage Snowmobile people, so come on out (See the "Join Us"  page ) you deserve to have fun with us!!